Friday, December 7, 2012

What Kind of Crutch?

Many authors use a prop of some sort to help them write, to meet deadlines, or simply to find and keep that elusive muse.  Even though the cliché of the chain-smoking, whiskey-swilling author may have given way to the less vaunted espresso and Red Bull, writers have needed succor since time immemorial.  I use several supports to aid my writing process.  I suppose I'll divulge them all in time, but for now I'll say that one of the most powerful is the marvelous, raw, organic cacao bean.  

Raw cacao beans are essentially pure unadulterated chocolate.  They don't have the sweetness of a chocolate bar but they aren't exactly bitter either.  I would describe them as crunchy, rich and flavorful, a cross between an espresso bean and dark chocolate.  I much prefer mine peeled and I have a favorite brand.  Perhaps it’s an acquired taste but it’s one I have acquired.  
I can eat cacao beans for days on end.  In fact, I think I could live on them -- aren’t they a complete food?  They're my kombucha, my glass of wine, my coffee (although I enjoy all of those things too).  When I really need to finish a book or a project, they can provide impressive motivation.

Cacao beans

And yes, this is an actual picture of my cacao beans but no, I do not eat that many at one time!

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