Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jotting with Java

I admire those of you who don’t want or need coffee. I’ve been on and off the coffee wagon at various times throughout my life. I’ve substituted herbal tea, green tea, kombucha, plain water and I’ve thought about chai or mate. But I simply love coffee, particularly espresso.

I used to splurge only very rarely on the barista-prepared mocha or latte. But as I neared the end of each novel or novella, I would “need” these espresso drinks more often. Fortunately, I live reasonably near a beautiful out-of-the-way island coffee shop but my habit could get expensive and time-consuming!

One fateful day, I stumbled across a stovetop espresso percolator online. It was far less expensive than a mammoth home espresso machine, faster, easier to use, and (importantly for me) very simple to clean! Along with a battery-operated milk frother, I can now make a slice of heaven in my own kitchen.
Maui mocha
I've learned to create lattes, cafe mochas, cappuccinos, americanos and just pure espresso.  And they all taste divine.  For the holidays, I added essential peppermint oil to my concoctions.  And I'll often add coconut oil, cacao powder, vanilla powder or cinnamon. If I happen to feel like an Irish coffee, well . . . moving right along.

The only problem is that my foo foo drinks are now very cheap and essentially unlimited. I try to ration my intake but I admit sometimes my willpower just wavers.  I ease my conscience by reminding myself how much they are helping me write!

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