Saturday, February 23, 2013

Distractions, Distractions

We all need diversions from work, from life, from the ordinary to the exciting. I know many people are highly entertained by video games on their phones, PCs and consoles.  Me?  I personally try to stay away far away from video games lest I never, ever come up for air.

So I fall back on traditional gimmicks.  Such as the Rubik’s Cube Santa brought my son for Christmas.  I (nerd I must be) have commandeered it for myself and cannot help solving and re-solving it.

Here is “my” Rubik’s Cube:

Rubik's Cube
 And here it is a few minutes later:

Rubik's Cube
No, I did not remove the stickers or pop out the little cubes.  :
Mix up and repeat!  But don’t try this at home – it’s way too distracting!

What does this post have to do with writing romance novels?  Two things!  I’m distracted from writing by my Rubik’s Cube and I’m distracted from writing by creating this blog post.  Ah well, life can’t be all work and play.

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