Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day from The Posse

Valentine's Day is a special day for romance writers because on this particular day, everyone is thinking about what we think about every day.  If I am doing my job right, my novels should always evoke Cupid's Day of Love for you, leaving your heart fluttering, your senses quivering, your body aching and your mind craving more.

My characters are fortunate to inhabit a sort of fantasy Valentine's world.  They often develop deep, passionate bonds with each other that last a lifetime (or sometimes even beyond).  The path can be difficult, meandering and even dangerous, but the end result is always worth it!  Just like real life if one is very lucky.

Romance Novel Characters
When I created this montage, I wanted to include hearts for some of my romantic couples who weren't leading characters.  Their relationships are also spicy and fascinating, even if their names aren't the ones who light up the marquee.  But then I realized that might divulge too much of the plot, especially when new readers don't yet know who might end up with whom.

So, I opted to spare the spoilers and instead honor my two novels which contain the highest number of romantic subplots.  To that end, Stonehollow and Interplanetary Slave are going on sale through Valentine's Day weekend so you can feel the love too.

Happy reading!

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